Stitched Portraits!

Stitched Portraits!


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Stitched Portraits for $25.00

In this age of fleeting photo's it is so nice to have an image that is timeless and artistic.

Over time our styles change and an image of a person can age very quickly. When you take a photo and make it into art, it becomes ageless. I love this process for that aspect alone. So no matter your age, you are a work of ART darling!

3 Ways to get your portrait stitched: 1: Like my Facebookpage (Kimber Follevaag Art) from there I can look at your photos on Facebook and suggest one. 2: Follow me on Instagram (kimberfollevaagart) I can then look and pick one from your photo feed or 3: send a photo to me via messages on Etsy!

Image is Black thread stitched on Organza. Sized to fit 8x10 frame.


This makes a great gift for graduates, bridesmaids, sons, daughters or any one you love.

Please send only appropriate photos. Children photo's are best if they are at least 4 yrs old. Please no smiles in the photos, teeth tend to make the art look strange.

Any questions just message me on Etsy.