Museum Series 001

Museum Series 001


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This photo was taken at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. I went through the Museum taking pictures of the patrons. I then had the photo's enlarged, put on foam board and then manipulated the photo's. This is mixed media involving embroidery, painted aluminum, acrylic panels and pictures from art magazines. It has an acrylic panel on the top of the mixed media and is mounted with standoff's.

My idea for this series (4 in all) is based from the belief that back in the day all photo's did not lie. However, today, all photo's lie. We photo shop, edit, and enhance most photo's. With this in mind, I decided to really mess with the reality of the photo. Very little of the photo is exactly how it was taken. Also, because we like to make sense of what we see, our minds seem to make up a story with each art work. That is an added bonus I did not intentionally try to make. So enjoy your story!